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Campaign Duration

We wake up to the late election news,
resolving to take in the next debate,
from excess exposure sing the blues,
but interested even in this jaded state;

As more of 'dis' and negative are heard,
reluctance grows, as faults seen on both sides,
but we'll get out and vote, put in our word;
though attitude of Murphy's law presides.

Best efforts of the major candidates,
it's hoped, will show us remedy and way.
to care for citizens concerns of state .
or win support by clever repartee?

Exciting the development we took part,
when we could cast our vote at age eighteen.
To think the issues of our mind and heart
would hold a valid place in civil scene.

I'm here again, a weary citizen,
worn down by pros and cons of the campaign.
I'm tired of it all, but then again,
it' sure beats anarchy or tyrant's reign.

10/16/2012 Carol Welch

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