I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18

As the Sands of Time Flows

Kindle book
Big Sorrel Mare
Love Power and a Sound Mind
The Lamb That Keeps The Rule
Silver and Gold
Wild Goose migration
Ring You Home
Letting Go Frees Me
What's in Katie's Basket ?
Country to City
Calling In The Echoes
Autumn Roller Coaster
Fall Festival 2012
September 12 Prayer
Chew or Do
Many-faceted Moods of Autumn
Seal the door
Neon Artists
A Dogs Perspective
Fading Memories of Summer
Autumn Burning
Campaign Duration
What You Might Like
Delicious Fright
Home Coming
She Walked
Election Aftermath
November Observances
The Father's love inside
The Word of Remedy
In The Storm
Let's Give Thanks
What Providence
Computer Time
Growing Into
I walk the Fence
God's Gifts
Good Morning Thanksgiving
Family Man
The Prize We Have Waited For
Donovan's Park
Dropping the Ball
Growing Sweet
Song for the day
The Journey Of Learning
Guide Our Conversation
Means of Peace
Gift Filled With Splendor
Are We There Yet?
Holding and Folding the Years
The Family Christmas
Two Thousand Thirteen's Resolutions
Slate of Resolutions
Pesty servant
USA Panorama
Preparing for the Safari
Today's Perspectives
Martin Luther King Jr
The Winter Doldrums
Winter's Joys and Challenges
Safe and Solvent
Direction of Understanding
Get a Round Tuit
Put Love on the Throne
Crossword Interloper
My Valentine
Stalwart Man
Presidents' Day
Searching in the Edges
Guided past the Stumble
Granted to Hands
The Bringer of Music
Passing fashions
Necessity of Language
Daylight Saving Time
The Stratosphere Ballet
St Patrick, We Hail You
It's rolled away
Being Inconsequential
Touch your Friends
Direct My Part
Who Can Count The Gifts
This Side of Adventure
Trial of Faith
Entrance of a Changeable Entity
In the Light You Shed
Winter's Over-stayed Welcome
Off the Dock
Simply Agreed
Thunder and Bird Songs
Foliage Mysteries