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Delicious Fright

Do you recall the tingle,
when lights flickered through the trees?
Sounds of night would mingle
with excitement on the breeze.

You had gotten the permission
to go out with little Joan,
disguised past recognition,
in the silliest thing you'd own.

Sense of anticipation
was suspended on the air.
We'd solicit a donation;
the question was, "But , where?"

Emboldened by our freedom,
venturing to the local store,
our voices squeaked, "We'd eat some."
They indulged us, smiles galore.

The trick now was, return again,
on a road without a light.
We'd pass the vacant house, and then,
run with feet in flight.

Rising moon, its shadows hurled,
provided visibility,
though lending to our rural world,
a mottled shroud of mystery.

Creeping black along the ground,
menacing bear or wispy ghost,
the long, black eerie shadow was found,
to be merely rock or post.

We timidly turned homeward,
reliving the spooky night,
and giggled, recalling the absurd
time of delicious fright.

Today, we take our children out
to neighbors or event that's planned.
They conspire with thrills about
costumes, treats, spook house, how grand.

And, children, being children,
will scare you and surprise,
emerge from places hidden,
laughing with mischievous eyes.

10/24/2012 Carol Welch

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