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Good Morning Thanksgiving

Good morning world; it's Thanksgiving day.
The memories rush in with tear or a smile.
Our bounty recall, received on the way,
friends, family, sharing each mile.

Little ones 'round the table with sayings so bright,
grandparents there, precious, we've realized,
their sojourn with us, a short time their light,
their sweet treats, jokes, and manner we prized.

Today it's our neighbor or children far off,
or, if we are blessed with family close,
we join in to give thanks for goodness and love,
for safe travel, the roads, and the rose.

The plenty we have, while some are oppressed,
or, bravely, doing without daily needs.
A prayer is included with thanks we express,
Dear Father, let our steps kindly proceed.

The lessons we learn in the obstacles faced,
the chance to give others a lift,
the reward of seeing the faith we have placed,
help us grow or succeed; it's a gift.

Good evening, dear friends; it's Thanksgiving day.
We rejoice in the time spent with you.
Before the day ends, we doubtless can say,
That our thanks overflowing is true.

11/22/2012 Carol Welch

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