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Granted to Hands

Five fingers joined intricately.
a miracle so commonplace,
but planned by God that man could see,
a work of power, a touch of grace.

The chords and melodies that rise,
and touch the heart with sorrow and joy,
a sculpture, painting, thrill the eyes,
through skill and will, led to employ.

Hands that spanked me solidly
brought good, though so hard to believe,
helped an unwilling mind to see,
then held, with guidance there to leave.

Hands that till the fertile soil,
crumbling it in fingers deft,
emerging sprouts reward the toil;
the warmth of partnership is left.

Left within the mind and heart
by One of power, broad and deep,
Who can growth to soil impart,
bless hands that His creation keep.

02/24/2013 Carol Welch

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