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Growing Sweet

"You want to be a sweet old man?"
He said, :"Then, day by day,
live life in sweetness as you can;
put bitterness away."

"Today's kind word and pleasant smile
build for our future state.
It seems to snowball by the mile,
can't cram if it gets late."

We watched his life; he worked with zest;
with love, took time to play,
coached kids to learn to do their best,
in his jolly, loving way.

When hard times came, with ready smile,
said, "There's a remedy,
that will ease, as well, another's mile;
I'll trust God's will for me."

They say, "It's nice to walk the walk,
as truly as you can."
With passing years, we've seen the talk,
lived out by a sweet old man.

12/01/2012 Carol Welch

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