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Letting Go Frees Me

I savor now the sweet release and freedom,
when the feeling of the wrong that I perceive,
is allowed to float off on the atmosphere,
as though, the pardon , I, myself, receive.

I don't have to carry the perception
of your perceived faults on my back anymore
Gone from me the load of self-deception,
that changes in you will settle up the score.

I'm free when from blame I have turned you loose,
as though the picture that I held were true.
Gods kindly power allowing me to choose,
my vision cleared, I'm more released than you.

A new day dawns, a day one burden lighter;
from any blame on you, I've been set free.
Now I can hold the gift of zeal much tighter;
the one most caught in the bondage here was me.

I'm free to see you now through eyes objective;
It's a new relation opportunity.
When faults and criticisms are not collective,
there is chance for a rapport for you and me.

08/24/2012 Carol Welch

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