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Put Love on the Throne

We look again at all the big, red hearts,
and at the cherubs with bow and arrow grasped,
revel in romance the special day imparts,
stars in the eyes, excitement in the hands we clasped.

Love songs promote the chocolates to buy,
and filmy scarves and fragrant aftershave.
Of every sort, the bling attracts the eye;
texting goes wild, and Facebook shares the rave.

A lot of "likes" are stated on that medium,
simply approval though they be, it's true;
When 'likes" are revealed by a special one,
Valentine's real draw comes into view.

Though we may become a bit blase,
sentiment just seeming out of style,
it's still true that Cupid has his day,
When certain smile meets that special smile.

The time has come; express the warmth we feel;
Put doubt and cynicism on the shelf.
Love from above makes the present real,
love-giving as St. Valentine himself.

And, while we're at it, with love on the throne,
there are the parents and grandparents too.
And children and grandchildren, folks alone,
Not only Cupid can send love, but me and you.

02/01/2013 Carol Welch

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