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The Father's love inside

They live in places hard to reach and far;
with voices seldom heard by waiting ear.
Could they be reached by telephone or car?
It's busyness prevents their presence here.

Then, what's to be the answer for this jamb?
Could I, myself, be better company?
Perhaps seek out truth of the great I Am,
Who also is the reason I can be.

He tells me that it's love fulfills the law,
but legislated, forced it cannot be.
Surrender soul; allow the Lord's , "Aha."
Trust Him to open eyes to see.

Reach out, whatever way He seems to guide;
and let Him show you how your love to give.
It's only with the Father's love inside;
let Him fill you and then, step out and live.

It's worth a try; there's nothing here to lose.
A mind that's willing and a tender heart
thus can receive and act; it's mine to chose.
I'll take a step and trust He'll help me start.

The places then, remote and hard to reach,
may be accessed by loving thought. and prayer.
The Father ever there to guide and teach,
will show me; trust, and find His answer there.

11/06/2012 Carol Welch

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