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This Side of Adventure

Though I've never born an ocean's storm,
like poets gone before us,
I tend to spy in my mind's eye,
waves crashing fiercely o'er us.

And, when I'm in a traffic jamb,
and must proceed with care,
I sense the feel of steel on steel,
because I have been there.

I've seen menacing grill and headlights,
of an approaching car,
and tried to swerve, but bridge on curve,
served my escape to bar.

Now I can attest to this;
I'll take imaginations.
Though experience lends truer sense,
it may leave lacerations.

If writings show of what we know,
and we detest affliction,
best not aspire to happenings dire,
best issues tame or fiction.

03/26/2013 Carol Welch

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