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Donovan's Park

Tucked there in a haven near Highway nineteen,
a peaceful road winds among homes and palms.
Pond, placid, embraces a fountain's cool sheen,
and we're greeted by smiles bright and warm.

If ever you walk on a street filled with friends,
their porches offering a welcome to you,
You'll know what we feel, and before the day ends,
think of us; come, enjoy with us sometime too

The company of those young at heart, we enjoy,
sharing wisdom, love of life, from life gained,
hearty laughs, competition, sometimes employ,
a kind hand in times of sorrow or pain.

Bright flowers and foliage, entrances bedeck,
and the gathering place where we meet,
welcome friends from Louisville to Quebec.
Of common ground and divergence we speak.

It's a friendly haven near Highway nineteen,
where palms wave you a greeting sincere.
Turn into our gates; a welcome is seen.
Smiles will tell you, we're glad that you're here. <

11/27/2012 Carol Welch

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