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The Prize We Have Waited For

Black Friday now has come and gone;
some got, some not, the prize.
For that special gift, went out before dawn,
to light up a pair of dear eyes.

They were just released, off fifty per cent,
a savings that would astound,
a spot in line, seemed heaven-sent.
Hopes, flagging, again would abound.

Black Friday now has come and gone;
Some, resignedly drove back home,
picked up a few things to light up the lawn,
shop more in the days still to come.

It reminds me of the cold, dark night;
I hear that they traveled far,
and found no lodgings to ease their plight,
but a stable, then light of a star.

Makes me think, when hopes long adrift,
seeming dim and far out of sight,
the world was given its greatest gift;
A stable shone in the star's bright light.

We put up lights and buy the gifts,
for loved ones close and far.
We wait for the celebration that lifts,
What God gave with a stable and star.

The shining star on top of our tree,
reflects in our dear ones' eyes,
reminds us, His Son , our lives to free,
God gave us in love, Heaven-size.

11/25/2012 Carol Welch

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