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Election Aftermath

The day is here; the die is cast; we'll take results,
move forward with our lives, sameness or change.
One will lick wounds, another one exults.
Either way, challenges will emerge long range.

The candidate we pulled for, cast our vote,
may be on the short end when counts are done.
but, citizens who ardently bid, "keep afloat."
will do their part, regardless of who won.

The candidate, whose promise on the line,
has won the day, will now bear scrutiny.
as both supporters and opponents now incline
to point out gain or slump respectively.

A nation under God has had its voice,
with varied aims and interests in our trail,
worthy , sometimes dirty, made our choice,
believing we, the people, would prevail.

It's time, pick up the remnants of the dream,
to find ways to accomplish what we must.
And, through the dust of conflict see the gleam;
Together, may we say, "In God we trust."

11/04/2012 Carol Welch

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