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She Walked

Step-tap-step, step-tap-step, of foot and cane;
she was thankful to be up, with cheerful talk.
In memory was a time that it was plain,
the boys would make her blush, admiring her walk.

Step-ta-skip, step-ta-skip, the sunny trail,
tugging Mother's hand, impatient to be there,
Ring around Rosie, on donkey pin the tail,
running home, feet flying without a care.

Step-slide-step, step-slide-step, the music swirled;
Feet and arms were young, and love was new.
Dreams became reality, a changing world.
Friends gathered round them, sharing their joy too.

Step-pause-step, step- pause-step with Lohengrin,
the slide of satin train, the flowers' scent
Richer, poorer, sickness, health, pledged, and then,
off to a honeymoon, new life, she went.

Step-sway, step-rock, a baby in her arms,
Too soon, to school, some tears, hugs, and good bye.
Seeing every season of her life has charms;
See them walking on their own, a smile, a sigh.

Steps slowed, some joy, some grief along the way;
the footprints that are left mark good that's done.
The friends, the home, the living day by day,
walking, working, sharing sun to sun.

Step-tap-step, it's good to see you're here,
and was through all the years when strength was sound.
The circle has grown, and, as they gather near,
all of these footprints with love abound.

10/31/2012 Carol Welch

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