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Fading Memories of Summer

Put out a little nectar for the hummingbird,
For the oriole a dollop more of jell,
The chirping songs, so often fondly heard,
Will linger with us only for a spell.

The last batch of swallows prime to leave,
the nest, where they, eager, cram and call,
for more insects brought than you would believe,
and strength build up to fly away in fall.

Daisies have dwindled, poppies given way,
to the goldenrod and plump milkweed pod.
Still, gardeners' pride, vivid, greets the day,
so each new bloom exults above the sod!

The Farmers' market shows off, at its peak,
harvest in abundance shining forth.
Gathering citizens note the subtle sneak,
of unaccustomed cool breeze from the north.

Sidewalks, sites for vintage wares and new,
as sunny days invite a shopping stroll,
soak up waning summer, skies bright blue,
more precious as we see the calendar roll.

10/10/2012 Carol Welch

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