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A Dog's Perspective

No pets allowed to roam at will
in this municipality.
They've found a way to fill the bill,
and yet we can appear as free.

We fellowship inside our yard
with owners, other pets--makes sense.
appearing free, no gates or bars,
the marvel of invisible fence.

Now, if you chance to be a dog,
your view may differ just a bit,
your life confusing as a smog,
until you get the hang of it.

The fence is out of view but there.
I've jumped across to my dismay.
A jolt so mighty through my hair.
now to go back inside--No way!

And, so, I stand outside my yard;
I've violated trust and sense,
and learned what it means, "Life is hard."
Oh, Master, please turn off the fence.

Wondrous inventions they devise,
that it appears their pets are free,
It's when I am a bit more wise
that it will seem worthwhile to me.

10/08/2012 Carol Welch

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