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Growing Into

Recall --the snowsuit bought too big,
and jeans, you wore the first half-year,
tucked in and belted, jury-rigged,
worn out when fit was near.

Or, when the boys' hair, nearly shaved,
delaying time for another cut,
the money seasonally saved,
was used for--who knows what.

Some things too big and some, too short,
our youthful lives endured.
We waited for the growing spurt,
that made "just right" assured.

Now that we are mature and grown,
we can buy our clothes to fit,
even-- unrealistic--oh, moan,
think we'll diet into it.

In every small unpleasantness,
like with prickly thorns, a rose,
we feel a bit of happiness,
if it's only hair that grows.

11/16/2012 Carol Welch

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