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I walk the Fence

A season of heartfelt thankfulness,
for all gifts that our live do bless,
freedom, bounty, love, and home,
safety that vigilance has won.
I walk the Fence.

Traditions have become our style;
let's add to celebration a smile.
The turkey's part in the happy day,
in these lines, we'll let him say:
I walk the Fence.

I stay hidden in the fence rows all the time.
As a turkey, seems Thanksgiving is a crime.
To you, cranberries and stuffing may seem fine.
I use some sense;
I walk the fence.

Though it's portrayed with muskets and with bows,
It 's really an axe job, as everyone knows;
I don't make noise with leaves around with my toes.
I'm not that dense;
I walk the fence.

I don't begrudge the folks in Amery
for joining in the feast with family.
You have much to be thankful but me,
In self-defense,
I walk the fence.

I don't relish the portraits that you see,
the table trimmed with cuisine and those like me ,
From Thanksgiving celebrants, I'll flee.
As feasts commence,
I'll walk the fence.

11/18/2012 Carol Welch

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