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In the Light You Shed

Dear Lord, my Father God, as You look at me,
in the light You shed, may You see tenacity,
the courage to go on, knowing that You stand,
securely holding my world in Your powerful hand.

Daring to follow because I know of love,
that is there for me at Your throne above.
Knowing that I'm standing where Your light can shine,
and guidance that I seek from You alone is truly mine.

Help me let go of all I seek besides your will,
Your leading in unlighted, unknown places faithful still,
and all of those I love, I pray your angels tend.
I ask Your Spirit touch them; help me comprehend

Your ways so far beyond mine, just a little bit today,
And, as I trust You, I'll hang on and dare to go Your way.

03/08/2013 Carol Welch

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