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Winter's Over-stayed Welcome

Old Man Winter, give us a break;
What of April don't you understand?
We don't think it's time for deep ice on the lake
and snowdrifts all over the land.

We thought last October, as leaves drifted down,
"Again, we'll see growth in the spring."
Equinox, vernal, has now come and gone;
we applaud the brave robins who sing.

Bunny ears, baskets, chocolate eggs put away,
we're looking ahead for the best,
that these showers of snow and rain, too, come May,
herald posies and birds in their nest.

The snowdrifts, we grant, and the blustery, cold rain
bring much-needed moisture for crops.
With the promise of seed time and harvest again,
we can cheer with the robin's bright hops.

So, dear Old Man Winter, we'll give you a break
from our tongues so quick to complain.
You gave snow for skiing, fishing ice on the lake.
After spring, summer, fall, you may reign.

Carol Morfitt Welch

I hope, by the time you may read these words,
that our theater of seasons may,
change to a scene of sunshine and birds,
a winsome and warm springtime day.

02/01/2013 Carol Welch

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