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In The Storm

When thunder passes, wake, the sun breaks through.
Though torrents of rain and wind obstruct our plans,
pick up our packs and pick a path that's true.
A guide with power then our vessel mans.

Around us, storms serve to reveal the light,
and hindrances set steel in our resolve.
Not in ourselves is found the needed might,
But trust One who can point the way and solve.

As whipping branches break the forest calm,
and meadows flatten in the wind's onslaught,
the traveler, hunched to keep a little warm,
may find his way when a wise strength is sought.

Results of letting go, a lighter heart;
the mind, unburdened from confusion clears,
and, midst the storm, one finds the better part,
when in the soul, a whelming peace appears.

Serenity's, not only, we see now,
in quiet place of calm and sunshine found.
The bluebird, singing on a wind whipped bough,
shows peace inside can sense peace all around.

11/08/2012 Carol Welch

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