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Let's Give Thanks

Let's say thanks for all, another year,
the days of bounty, dearth of fear,
hearts to treasure those held dear.
Let's give thanks.

Our loved ones near and loved ones far,
our home, our pantry full, and car,
we have a voice, no freedoms bar.
Let's give thanks.

The trees bear leaves and give us shade;
in summer, we have lemonade.
If alert, on time, the bills are paid.
Let's give thanks

It may not go just as we planned,
but opportunities are grand,
and God works good by His great hand.
Lets give thanks.

Good health--most days--is to be prized,
friends whose love is undisguised,
treasures abound for ears and eyes.
Let's give thanks.

Dear ones we've had, dear ones we hold,
within our hearts, more rich than gold,
warm thoughts to keep away the cold,
Let's give thanks

Eyes open, good on every flank,
though we may not be suave and swank,
our best assets are not in the bank.
Let's give thanks.

11/10/2012 Carol Welch

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