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It's rolled away

It's rolled away! Oh, look, the stone is rolled away!
They stood incredulous that morning of all morns.
Heavy-hearted to prepare their Lord for burial day,
in the aftermath of scourging, cross, cruel thorns.

Did the words He'd said now ring a bell?
And, did the shining angel truly say,
"He is risen." Did they hear Him tell,
that He would arise on the third day?

Amazing, how His followers were informed;
How many lives He's ransomed since that day.
And many a heart with sin by evil stormed,
is touched by Him, and sees, "It's rolled away."

With flowers and bright symbols, Easter morn,
that joyfully say, new life has come to stay.
We tell again the victory over cross and thorn,
sing, "Alleluia!, yes, it's rolled away."

So, many a home, where hope is lost in doubt,
and many a home held tight in sin's cruel sway,
the Father finds, and should they grasp, brings out.
They live anew because,"It's rolled away!"

03/08/2013 Carol Welch

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