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Being Inconsequential

surely not a situation we would try for,
not using our potential,
a title to attain we would not vie for.

But, when a wild creature covertly spots his prey,
or a bird of rare color lights to briefly preen,
In water, rounded eyes a pond denizen betray.
What wonders, in obscurity are seen.

Transfixed, I watch the unexpected pelican,
perch, launch out, raise up on long, arched wings,
dive shallowly as if for gold to pan,
tilt his long beak, let slide in tasty marine things.

The snakebird, draped out feathers, dries his wings;
blue heron tips its head, lets airy plumes flare out.
In reeds, an unseen bullfrog sings.
Hear, gathering at times, the gulls coarse shout.

Being part of the action, great in some activities,
but nature blends its reticence with lively show.
In the background, a quiet watcher sees
wild creatures gathering when life is slow.

To see the behavior of wildlife, it's essential,
appreciate being thought inconsequential.

03/09/2013 Carol Welch

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