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Pesty servant

Blessed nuisance, Heaven sent,
should you in startling tones reveal,
could you bid cold hearts relent
to evidence that more is real?

More is real than they accept;
a love avails that they deny.
And in argument adept,
refuse that not obvious to the eye.

Would you, with regularity,
bring attention to the need?
To know the Personality
that could give peace if they would heed.

How loving warning of a friend,
or one of kin who truly cares,
with terse dismissal, talk will end.
But, if power unseen the message bears,

with callous rejection, or pierced to quick,
would not a voice from source unknown,
with fear or curiosity prick,
Faithful servant, let him heed your tone.

11/22/2012 Carol Welch

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