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Slate of Resolutions

A new slate, like a blanket of snow,
pristine and unbroken the page,
until, when the intention we show,
on the paths, faults already engage

Unbroken, the goal, a year fresh and new,
but, where ever I go, there I am.
So, kindly, myself and others I'll view,
knowing that we all battle with sham.

So, kind Heavenly Father. show us the truth,
and strengthen our backbone to stand.
While to age You add wisdom, verve to the youth,
let us, guided by You, understand.

Our frame, set in motion, trusting each day,
strengthened, weeded of doubt, as we go,
bright hope under-girded, as we make our way,
a New Year, determined to grow.

:Like the slate that needs the erasers touch,
when filled with with real content or smudge,
it's forgiveness wipes out so much,
and we pick up, regroup, onward trudge.

11/22/2012 Carol Welch

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