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Preparing for the Safari

Just open up the cover page;
adventure greets us, all the rage,
of flora, fauna, strange to me,
inhabiting each stream and tree..

There are a few things, keep in mind,
to learn; don't leave good sense behind.
A crocodile, though smiling wide,
would not mind having you inside.

And, Dear, a dangerous affront,
to anger a big elephant,
and lion, roaring on the track,
if you turn, run, you'll meet the pack

of lady lions; feeding cubs.
Don't think you'll fend them off with clubs.
Fascinating creatures of the plains,
wildebeest tear across all terrains.

Let's hope the cheetahs do not leap,
as they overtake our jeep.
Drum beats in jungle grass-thatched huts,
palms bearing heavy coconuts.

And naked natives, bless their hearts,
with basketry, cloak private parts.
The zebras, though to eyes appeal,
will not be tamed as pets, for real.

If all this seems to you irrational,
check it out in Geographic National.

01/06/2013 Carol Welch

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