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Today's Perspectives

I'm looking at a half-full glass,
half-empty, if I choose to see.
Battle it out, or let it pass,
amazed how changed the same can be.

Let the winter doldrums crush me,
see dull times as opportunity.
Incite new ideas, push me
into absorbed activity.

Hard for some, the changing seasons,
with discomfort, still bring thrills.
consistent warm days--different reasons,
test those who have abandoned chills.

Dull days can prompt us, go and visit
some one whose choice is less diverse.
Our hang up, how important is it,
when lifting one who has it worse?

If choice brings earnest application,
or the luxury of gathering wool,
purpose in our occupation,
can show a glass "very" half-full.

11/22/2012 Carol Welch

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