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Presidents' Day

We honor the memory of the wise and brave,
who led us through victory or woe.
A precious heritage they helped to save,
and nurtured our freedom to grow.

When we were possessions, a profit to gain,
for a nation more powerful than we,
patriots overcame, for freedom to reign,
Chose first president, for land of the free.

When George Washington struggled along with his men
through the hardships, victory was won.
A new day brought forth, no bonds again,
Picked with gleaming hope, he led on.

As the union advanced, new problems arose.
Could slavery and freedom, too, coexist?
A hero, common, but wise, and we chose,
Mr. Lincoln, who would bondage resist.

While historical searches find personal facts,
bring to our eyes the most human traits,
with heartfelt thanks. we remember their acts,
that helped form and keep the United States.

So, we march on this day in honoring throngs,
erect monuments, place flowers on graves,
and thankfully sing patriotic, glad songs,
The Star-spangled Banner, bless them, still waves.

So. remember their loyalty, wisdom, and strength,
As we patriotically anthems sing.
Follow their example, and then,at length,
again, proclaim, "Let freedom ring."

02/09/2013 Carol Welch

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