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Searching in the Edges

I looked for Him in thunder that echoed through the air,
the daily course of issues that appeared
In lifting mist of dawn, I seemed to sense Him there
I sought His wisdom, sensed the gap I feared.

The hints of His existence are vast and plain to see;
my heart is touched by fringes of His ways.
Provision of my needs in life, by Him, I know to be,
but I want to hear His voice and see His face.

The precious printed message preserved across the years
gives knowledge of His Father love and care,
providing the redemption for our foolish ways and fears,
free from results of sin, our wrongs, the snare.

The kindness of Your hand, dear Lord, when showing me my wrong,
the lift of heart equips me to go on,
the ways you show my neighbor's place with me among life's throng,
When You show me you love others, woe is gone.

The change, my view of life brought by Your influence,
not being center isn't such a pain.
Welcoming a day instead of dread, I sense,
Can there be more of You I could attain?

Well, I'll just walk along today, glad that you're on hand,
to strengthen me to meet what can take place.
And, while I walk, I'll trust that You will help me understand,
how You're here until I come to see your face.

02/19/2013 Carol Welch

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