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When we choose to use the larger word,
it's good to know the definition.
That doesn't guarantee you're heard,
but may ward off exposition.

Take the word, rascality,
a picture is inadequate
better a demonstration,
the image to illucidate.

Focus, perhaps upon a friend,
who notes your every fumble,
clowns when serious your intent,
enjoys each awkward stumble.

When you invite affirmative,
negative is in the offing.
The behavior objectative,
given to facetious scoffing.

The contradictions more than ample,
qualifications, actuality.
So let me present my example:
Voila! Here's rascality.

It was good that I researched the word;
I was thinking of irascible.
bad-tempered, as you may have heard,
making me bait for the above rascal.

08/30/2012 Carol Welch

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