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What's in Katie's Basket ?

Little Katie Kitten, to do what was fittin'
went over to her grandma's house one day.
She brought a little basket of some--oh ask it,
but Grandma was a sport and guessed away.

Could it be treasure, a bright golden measure,
or could it be a heavenly eclair?
Whatever you're bringin, sets me a'singin'
'Cause you're my little grandkit, oh so fair.

Little Katie's laughter, bubbled out just after,
Grandma guessed these far-out dainty things.
Grandma guessed some more ,her Katie just adorin',
she thought of fancy fabled fairy rings.

Oh, no, those are fleeting, and not for our eating.
They are growing in the meadow far away..
What I have brought is good, just because it would,
start a dear beloved Grandma's happy day.

For my Grandma kitty, it's a little bitty
packet of seed to grow a row of mice.
With some sweet affection, going your direction,
Katie Kitty thought that would be nice.

Grandma Kitty, grinnin', peeked at what was tucked in
the package that she'd guessed the contents of.
Well, my darling Kitty, this isn't little bitty.
It's packed up to the pretty top with love.

The end that is delightful and also is insightful:
the ones that love us much can often sense,
Underneath the paper, an endearing, fragrant vapor,
that trumps any measure of expense.

08/31/2012 Carol Welch

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