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Safe and Solvent

We were taught emphatically in drivers' training,
that defensive driving simply is a must.
Consider other driver's urgency in gaining
an extra car length; don't be rattled by his dust.

A sate distance kept with the car before you,
gives margin to adjust your speed or lane.
Your rear view mirror reveals the car behind you;
a tail-gater can make sudden stops a pain.

There's the darting lane change artist; be aware of
his sudden maneuvers; may be rushed for lunch.
A cool appraisal may eliminate the scare of,
frantic avoidance of the dreaded crunch

Your signal gives alert to your intention ;
just be aware there are those who do not
signal in time to get the attention,
of you and others, causing a threatening spot.

Remember, offensive driving is no option,
no matter how your need for time demands.
The red, blue blinking lights come into vision.
Instead of fast trip, you'll have loss on hand.

"Fine," you'll not interpret at all pleasant;
it may be just "fine" for the local till.
So, drive to keep your speed safe for the present,
and note, it's not time to disperse your will.

A few more weeks of icy road condition:
a good start allows us sensibly to act.
Avoid being in this week's news edition.
Arrive alive and with our funds intact.

01/22/2013 Carol Welch

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