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Winter's Joys and Challenges

It's clear the cold has taken hold
in the land where cornfields waved.
Snowmobile and skier, with zeal,
have elements cheerfully braved.

White trails are groomed where daisies bloomed,
and single light beams pierce the night.
On snowy hills, the laughter trills,
as tubes sweep out of sight.

Those who brave the next cold wave,
in their work or duties employed,
we salute and admire, earning their hire,
in ways many would not have enjoyed.

So, drink steaming cups of cocoa right up.
be glad for time spent 'round the fire.
See the mercury dive; stay warm and alive.
Bundle up in your warmest attire.

God gives some a taste for cold gladly faced,
and the shoosh of skies on the trails,
for others the desire of a nice, cozy fire,
or summer's lake, pontoon, and sails.

01/22/2013 Carol Welch

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