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Silver and Gold

By strains of camp songs, it's been told,
on familiar street's, bustling, lively, view,
unclouded eyes appraise the silver and gold,
regard, cherish the old, welcome the new.

The new, as in news, presentation of facts,
the stable in experience and views set forth,
print that accurately reports the facts,
community issues, both hindrance and worth.

Finger on the pulse, attention clear,
events recall, point out, detail and side,
a team with leadership and style grown dear,
now hands the reins for new hands to guide

The marquis beamed Hollywood's Hey day's best,
promises the town's talent now portrayed,
and sprouting businesses promote the quest,
try the hand by which new enterprise is made.

Our town, the streets familiar to view,
with structures that have stood the test of time,
there is much to value, both old and new,
the silver and gold that inspired this rhyme.

Reflecting the world with its peril and charm,
and zeroing in on local happenings,
to fortify the connection of commerce and farm
productive attitude can give it wings.

So, like the song by campfire's light,
treasure the silver and the gold.
The best of times may be in sight,
if we welcome the new and cherish the old.

07/27/2012 Carol Welch

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