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The Lamb That Keeps The Rule

Where do you suppose the lamb
has gone as time passed by,
that followed Mary, Jan, or Sam,
when school opening brings a sigh?

Could the lamb be summertime,
when carefree dreams hold sway?
Inside walls, as sun does its climb,
not welcome in school's day?

But those who have seen honed desire
in the child returning home
realize some spark brings fire,
more lively than a tome.

Someone has stirred that curious mind,
introduced the needed tool
to dig and try it out and find.
Ha! There is a lamb at school.

And fun and friends bring sunlight in;
ideas root in young minds.
Motivation that gets under skin,
a skillful guide helps to find.

Oh, yes, they love vacation time,
when summer streams flow past the dam.
But fun and love of learning climb
for those who find the lamb.

08/02/2012 Carol Welch

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