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The Journey Of Learning

It seems that it's a classroom every day;
what I learned and practiced years ago,
is another lesson; each step of the way;
always, there is so much left to know.

Through small attempts, a taste of trial or strife,
a way to face it and proceed is found.
on ever shifting ground of current life,
we learn and relearn, and the world goes round..

The Irresistible and the immovable
contend to gain the subtle upper hand.
while love and joy and peace aspire a full
endorsement to gently take command.

Struggles within, firmest resolves, all vie
to learn the hard-earned, valued lesson well.
With temporary triumph, followed by a sigh,
when circumstances common sense dispel.

We make a choice, then live with the results,
options, doubt, and puzzlement abound.
We can look for good or look for fault,
When all is said and done, the world goes round

For wisdom from above we learn to pray,
when to give way, and when to stand our ground,
and learn that it's all right to grow each day.
We learn and relearn deeper, and the world goes round.

12/03/2012 Carol Welch

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