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Guide Our Conversation

It may be what was said was true.
sincere and most well-meaning.
The way it was received fell through.
Was it words needed screening?

Or, is it that too much was read
into your conversation,
or, was it taken personally,
then, result-- insinuation?

Some words are better left unsaid,
but, communication lacking,
relationship falls dull and dead,
the closeness, then, hijacking.

There must be a common ground,
if two apt minds can grasp it,
with touchiness and doubt not bound,
and harmony, warmly clasp it.

It partly is a trusting heart,
ready to see the kindness,
partly lips, sensing Spirit's part,
wisdom overcoming blindness.

So, help again, as in times past,
to guide our conversation,
so harmony and joy can last,
giving love and admiration.

12/10/2012 Carol Welch

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