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Thunder and Bird Songs

The time of singing birds, at last, has come.
Thunder in the night left gleaming pools.
Our motivation turns to busy hum,
with fertilizer, yard and garden tools.

Our spring show, followed by snow, rightly trumps
fierce winter, soundly vanquished , hopeful note,
lifting children and home owners from the dumps,
and families dreaming of days on their boat.

But, more than all of these awaited and glad signs,
deep inner souls, by promise realized,
move forward, and warm confidence inclines,
to all that memory's treasure, spring, has prized.

Not only in the beauty and enthusiasm born,
but, truly, the provision for our lives.
It's in the growth of oats and wheat and corn,
vegetables, and stock our life derives.

So, when the thunder peals and songbirds sing,
and we take pleasure in mild warmth outside,
we revel in vast wonder that is spring,
and see, firsthand, our Father God provide.

04/30/2013 Carol Welch

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