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Foliage Mysteries

Among the mysteries that nature weaves,
as seasons tell predictably their tale,
through winter, tenacious red oak leaves,
to their branches cling, though storms assail.

Autumn's ruddy flame and wine-hued gown,
tossed aside and shed, they lightly fall.
revealing sky where they have tumbled down,
but red oak leaves hang on through it all.

While branches bare, the conifers excused,
scenes display, in summer hid from view,
deer and squirrels their autumn crops perused;
red oak leaves still rustle neath the blue.

When pussy willows greet with peek-a-boo,
and frogs in ponds sing out until the dawn
staunch red oak leaves their wonder do;
in a sudden shower they shroud the lawn.

05/01/2013 Carol Welch

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