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Touch your Friends

I do not want to tell you what
Jane or John should do.
Still may incidental thought
seem to reflect on you.

You've told me with a wise approach,
their way is not my field,
to analyze or to encroach,
lest, finding fault, I yield.

A friend can sometimes open eyes,
when we hear him out,
and we can also see the wise
slants two can bring about.

Our brothers, sisters, whom we love,
walk paths we can't unravel.
And, though we argue, plead or shove,
It's friction-filled as gravel.

So, let the whirling dervish dance.
May be the Holy Spirit,
will touch our friends with, "It's your chance."
and they, receptive, hear it.

03/24/2013 Carol Welch

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