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Neon Artists

They're referred to as commercial, and they are;
still, in my heart, springs up a childlike glee.
While far from rivalling wonder of a star,
I'm thrilled, beholding someone's ingenuity.

When darkness falls in the familiar place,
they turn on, blink, and give their color show.
The stationary radiation, firework's grace.
in their artificial way, a July ago.

Light-formed palm trees, pink flamingos, neon lit,
a whimsical side of tropical appeal.
Designers' originality and wit,
remind us of, in their glitzy way, the real.

Resourceful neon artists portray the charm,
rural scenes where produce originates.
Bright animated line draws chick or cow on farm,
intriguing cuisine for diner as he waits.

Then hailing a depth of meaning so profound,
chasing words spelled out in glowing colors bright,
reminding us that heavenly gifts abound
along with the merry fun of Christmas lights.

10/04/2012 Carol Welch

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