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Are We There Yet?

When we were small, we used to ask,
"Are we there yet? It is so long."
Now, be on time is more the task.

Then, kicking back, we'd idly bask,
passing the time, the quest prolong.
When we were small, we'd ask and ask.

Too many questions, imps unmask.
Though we'd been glad to go along.
To be on time was more the task.

With Christmas close, time slowly passed.
Could miles pass better, spent in song?
When we were small, we had to ask.

Some celebrate with shot and flask;
We dreamed of presents, bells' ding-dong,
To Just sit still was now the task.

"Could I amuse you with a mask?
Are we there yet? It seems so long."
When we were small, we used to ask.
On time, to loved ones, travel's task.

12/15/2012 Carol Welch

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