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Holding and Folding the Years

It's a new year, new week, new day.
Will we live it wiser, better?
Learning from the old, a new way,
like the unfolding of a letter.

Face with fortitude the looming;
know each day is a new page.
Let the past go, no weights dooming,
bits of wisdom grasped, engage.

Smoke dissipates from old wick burning;
Specter of Old Year drifts away.
Pristine, the new: apply the learning
to the challenges of the day.

Little by little, not assuming,
like a snowball, as we live,
grows the New Year, stalling, blooming,
time fulfilled in what we give.

Of all wisdom, now , the Giver,
Father, God, to be our guide,
quiet stream or raging river,
this New Year's oncoming ride.

Goodbye, Old Year, daunting, charming.
Reluctant--gladly--bid adieu.
Thanks for experience, forearming.
Ring out the old; ring in the new!

12/19/2012 Carol Welch

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