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Gift Filled With Splendor

We want to give and get gifts filled with splendor,
that wow the receiver, don't break the sender.
But we ought to remember,
when comes each December,
there are facets a little more tender.

Magi of old gave their bountiful gifts
O. Henry's couple brought tears and heart lifts.
We become so inspired,
beyond what is required.
Like Scrooge's heart change, it's so swift.

Like the comical brat gettin' nuttin',
that may hit our mood on the button.
May we be reminded,
the star, if we find it,
will help us be seeker, not glutton.

It reminds us of gifts of the spirit,
that trump all these gifts if we hear it.
All mankind receives,
when each one believes,
their Savior's come; sing carols and cheer it.

Halleliujah, the angels are singing,
of blessing our Father is bringing,
to a sad, dumpy earth,
God's Son, our Savior's birth.
So, ring Christmas bells; keep on ringing.

12/10/2012 Carol Welch

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