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Autumn Roller Coaster

Over the top, down in the deeps;
transition from summer both dives and leaps.
Just prepare for a day of dank mist and rain,
and the mercury's touching ninety again.

Nostalgic, the array of golden grain sheaves;
and a whirlwind wild dance of bright crimson leaves.
Wild asters through summer, just foliage deep green,
now grace the roadsides, mauve to royal purple seen.

The roller coaster ride from torrid to cold,
with accompaniment of scarlet and gold,
repeats, elevation a bit less each time,
the coming of change to this capricious clime.

Although faithfully coming, the promise bears out,
how it plays with our expectations, roguish bout.
The seedtime has passed; now rich harvest is here;
Those suffering drought, what hope now, what cheer?

Perennially, hearts and the powers that be,
are moved to bring to those who falter, relief..
Over the top and down in the deeps,
join him who dances, lift him who weeps.

A song of encouragement for one who grieves,
renewed joy in the whirlwind of bright, crimson leaves.

09/09/2012 Carol Welch

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