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Calling In The Echoes

"Calling In The Echoes From the Hills," he honors her,
as much as a princess in a palace would be praised.
Her yodel ringing out, little hillbilly darling,
to him, is like the finest aria raised.

Champion of the railroad or the highways,
she waits with anticipation for his return.
No mortal man, in palace or life's byways,
can hold the place his personhood can earn.

Who pointed them to a mutual destination,
be they blue collar, lettered ones, or royalty?
To one who will hold each in appreciation,
find the unique in what they do and see.

If You're a hillbilly's honey or a debutante,
the Father who loves you is there to guide.
If you will let His love direct what you want
to the special one His plan wills to provide.

To have and hold if you are rich or poor;
it will not be the golden gain that you'll recall.
Nurture that one to whom your craft you'll moor,
With grit, glad that you heeded to the call.

Be it yodeled song of love or opera,
A song filled with pathos, or jubilance employ.
Days filled with the mundane, challenge, or hurrah,
"Calling in the Echoes of--"Lovers' Concerto>"--Joy..

09/04/2012 Carol Welch

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