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Fall Festival 2012

Some dread the chilling, closing out, effects of fall,
and I admit I sometimes feel the same.
However, when the warm sun brightens all,
it casts an added beauty to the leaves of flame.

So, many come to share autumn's grandeur,
to celebrate local spirit and fellowship.
With music, patriotic scene, we make it clear,
Community and fall are loved though frost may nip.

The streets were never grander, set aside,
display creativity and citizens' close bond,
to local history, current progress' pride,
honoring individuals admired and fond.

So, skip along, little dolly buggy display,
your 'mommies' and your clowns and pretty pets.
Soon commence the bands and floats' array,
graced by local beauties, in gowns and coronets.

All ages line the sidewalks, curb or chair;
little ones pursue thrown sweets or novelty,
antique car, the dignity of legionair,
crisp-edged scarlet leaf tumbles carelessly.

Now stand! It's the red, white and blue we see;
from bands, patriotic music fills the air.
For the moment, the focus is on liberty,
and from differences we turn, and usual care.

4-h'ers on their floats ingenious,
portray the enthusiasm and the drive,
of young people and their mentors' usefulness,
these things that keep communities alive.

How blessed we are, with ripened beans and corn,
ready to fill the bins and feed the stock.
Nostalgic mind's eyes picture many a frosty morn,
now replicate the picturesque corn shock.

The frost will come in just a bit, the snow come too,
and festive streets with fall's array tone down.
The memory of found medallion, queens in review,
leave their cheerful fragrance on the busy town

09/11/2012 Carol Welch

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