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Big Sorrel Mare

Time had come for the testing, the year's county fair.
He had prepared and practiced and trained,
transported hopefully, the big sorrel mare.
Could good showing this year be attained?

Concerned, she was half-draft, a bit coarse for her class.
He'd shampooed, brushed, trimmed her with care.
To bring out her best as the judge she would pass,
to accent eyes, baby oiled, shined her hair.

There were classes for riding that featured the horse,
others based on rider expertise.
The event at hand, a matter of course,
showmanship; in the past, he'd lacked ease.

He started showing early, horse towering above,
gained her confidence in an earlier year.
In his boyish way, he showed her his love,
saying, "Easy, Girl," calming her fear.

Showmanship: Now each horse entered the ring,
well-groomed horse, polished owner, orderly style.
The judge stood, attentive, bid each leader bring
their horse forward, alert, with poised smile.

The big sorrel mare entered, calm and serene;
her owner watched each move, giving cues.
She pivoted--good; backed evenly--keen!
He winked, eyes urging, "Focus don't lose."

Others began to line up in the ring;
at the judge's word, faced in array.
Then what do you suppose? With a super upswing,
a steer, broken loose, charged in, caused a fray.

Elegant Arabs, ponies, mounts small and large
reared, shied, snorted, the danger intense.
Owners, all ages, strove to protect self and charge
The big mare calmly used common sense.

The steer charged and jack-knifed, bringing panic to most,
circled wildly and weaved in and out.
Spectators froze, as though seeing a ghost;
the mare, unmoved by each bound and shout.

She stepped to the side as the raging rushed near,
backed to give the confused steer some space,
blinked not an eye at rampaging, crazed steer.
Owners soon captured, took him back to his place

Ring attendants, praiseworthy, no focus on doom,
bringing order, the show back on the track,
helping brave young owners, though rattled, resume,
giving youngsters, to show, one more crack.

Gratifying the outcome for that sorrel mare,
her owner, just seeing things through.
For the first time, in showmanship at the fair,
was awarded, My goodness!, first blue.

Remember. dear horse, the steps that we took,
to make this showmanship thing come through.
Stand correctly, pivot away, at the judge always look.
Don't let escaped steers rattle you.

The young owner quipped, while not first in a race.
standing still was her forte, give a cheer!
She, with all of the uproar that took place,
was showcased by a rampaging steer.

07/27/2012 Carol Welch

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