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Love Power and a Sound Mind

As seasons of a life walk out their span,
may fear be absent or defeated on the way,
and God supply each woman and each man
with reassurance to proceed each day.

From babyhood, when first a child is known,
and seems to grow new talents with each hour,
before the age of innocence has flown,
God grant the soundness of His love and power.

When strength of manhood comes in fits and starts,
and wakening of longing for a mate,
may tenderness and passion that move hearts
be guided by God's power, kind and great.

Then, through the season of the summer's growth,
the guiding hand, enabling them to guide,
and, blessed to have a hand to hold, they both
may pass their blessing to a groom and bride.

Should spring bring floods to daunt the sprouting crop,
or summer, too, bring storms with wind and hail,
when obstacles come, tempting us to stop,
through grief or loss, He'll hold us when we fail.

When leaves turn scarlet with the passing days,
and skies are fickle with changed clouds above,
hands joined, the power that guides minds and ways
be cherished, sound, and grounded in His love.

08/05/2012 Carol Welch

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